emuwood - Kenwood (TS-480) emulator

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My friend was testing a Kenwood band selector, and was in need of a Kenwood radio for the tests.
I wrote this little simple serial port utility to help him.

emuwood "emulates" a Kenwood (TS-480, probably also others?) HF-radio.
The program sends band information over serial port (RS-232) to the band selector box, or to a Kenwood radio.
The software currently only answers to transceiver status queries (IF), or allows you to send custom queries (to a radio for example). I'm planning to add more features later. Support for other radios is in the TODO as well.
Custom queries can be found from Kenwood PC Control Command Reference.

The utility is made for Windows, and is tested only on Windows 7 and XP.
Installation of .NET framework 4.0 might be required.

Download the executable 24kB